Dresser Consolidated OEM Parts

We have brand new OEM spare parts for the following valves (among others), on the shelf and ready to go.

High Pressure

Features: Consolidated Maxiflow® high pressure safety valves are premium products used on a majority of power generating stations worldwide to protect boilers from overpressure conditions.

Maxiflow valves are high capacity, Thermodisc® seat, spring loaded safety valves designed for sub critical steam service of 3000 psig at 1200 degrees F, and also for supercritical steam service of 4500 psig at 1050 degrees F. All valves in this series are produced to exceed AME requirements to minimize steam losses.

Power Actuated

Features: Consolidated Electromatic relief valves provide manual or automatic overpressure control by the plant operator. These electrically actuated safety devices are utilized on superheated and saturated steam applications at sub critical and supercritical pressures to 4500 psig.

Use of Electromatic relief valves provides the plant operator with a control system that can instantaneously open or close a pressure relief valve on a distantly located header or drum. This advantage results in the capability of accurately balancing boiler operations at peak load conditions, while extending operating life of super heater safety valves.

Intermediate Pressure

Features: Consolidated type 2700 safety valves are high capacity, spring loaded valves designed specifically for the co-generation, independent power production and industrial boiler markets. Consolidated’s well known Thermodisc Seat design provides leak tight operation at 94% of the valve’s set pressure. The valves are available in ANSI 900 and 2500 classes at temperatures up to 1050 degrees F. The 2700 is approved for ASME Code Section I and VIII applications.

Pilot Operated

Features: Consolidated 3900 series pilot operated valves are utilized for the process and general industrial market with inlet sizes ranging from 1″ to 8″. Pressure range is from 15 psig through 3750 psig.

Consolidated pilot operated valves are available in pop type non-flowing, and modulating type flowing and non-flowing designs to meet the most rigorous requirements of the process and gas transmission industries. This product line complies with ASME Code Section VIII.

Flanged Inlet

Features: Consolidated 1900 series steel flanged safety relief valves are designed for gas, vapor, steam and liquid service. Pressure classes range from ANSI 150 to 2500, with temperature ratings up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Valves are available as standard with bellows for back pressure compensation as well as various soft seating materials for maximum seat tightness. Designs for H2S service are also standard. All 1900 series valves are provided with stainless steel internal parts, and are built to meet ASME Code Section VIII requirements.

Threaded Inlet

Features: Consolidated safety relief valves are designed for general service applications. Sometimes referred to as “portable,” this valve series also may be supplied with flanged or other connections. Valves are closed bonnet, spring loaded with connections from 1/2′ to 2′.

The 1990/1982 series is available up to 800 degrees F with a pressure limit of 8500 psig. Specific models are supplied for H2S as well as all stainless steel construction. Valves comply with ASME Code Section VIII.